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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beautiful beautiful TURQUOISE

Look, just LOOK at all of this turquoise stuff I found!  Just HAD to share it with you.  Don't you wish you had all of these rooms in your house?  Or trendy cool shoes like that?  I sure do!!  Hope you enjoy looking as much as I do!

Aren't they GORGEOUS!!  And this is the MOST lovely picture because it's all NATURAL, straight from God's hand!


Reshma at said...

OOooo....Gotta love this post!
I super liked the four poster bedroom...the one which has a soft toy on the stool in the decor.
Oh I also liked the vintage stove top and oven!
Thanks for sharing

Lauren-ItsMyWorld said...

I love turquoise too!!! But pink is my favorite:)

I'm a new follower from The Blog Frog!

Crafting For Chiari said...

Sharing my turquoise...

Come look ,see, like and follow our blog where we craft for a cause
Crafting for Chiari

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