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Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello friends!! I just wanted to let you know what is going on in Turquoise land. {grin} My original plan for this blog was to search online for a lot of turquoise products and show them to you.  What I'm having problems with is copying the pictures in order to post them...I copy a picture I find online and post it....fine so far.  But then the computer freezes up and won't let me actually finish the post.  I would think it was a fluke, but it has happened every single time I try to post online pics.  I am thinking that the anti-virus software I have must be not allowing me to for some reason.  I always post the link to the pic, but that doesn't seem to help.  Maybe some of you can help me!!  I would love any suggestions you may have. Thank you SO much for adding me and I will do my best to get things in order!  Blessings.


Audrey said...

Hi Sara ... I too love turquoise, but that color does not fit with any of my rooms. I did a real pretty display with my old turquoise fruit jars and a metal milk bottle tote and loving it. Don't know where I will put it. Hope to post it soon.

As for your question on copy/posting online pictures ... you might try to right click on your mouse and 'save picture as' to your picture file. You might have to resize it and then you may be able to post it from your file. Good luck. I am a new blogger too and really enjoy it. Hope you will visit Timeless Treasures. Blessings. Audrey Z

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